What's Calgel?

What's Calgel?

There are 2 kinds of gel nail "Soft gel (Soak-off gel)" and "Hard gel".
"Calgel" is the most popular gel among various "soft gel". Nailuke! offers its quality and skills with confidence.
All the products of our gel nail courses are offered 100% genuine Calgel.
Here are main 7 reasons why we are fascinated by Calgel.
Super gentle and kind to your natural own nails Super gentle and kind to your natural own nails

Nailuke! believes that Calgel system is the perfect and ideal gel nail as it provides not only protecting your nails but also helping to improve the condition of your nails.

Minimum damages as it is not required to deeply file your nails and not to use nail primer. Less troubles even you keep replacing or refiling your nails.

Calgel offers perfect permeability thanks to the strictly selected components. It helps transpiring on your nail and you do not need to worry molds which often happens artificial nails. In order to fully keep its quality and function, we promise to use 100% genuine Calgel for all the gel nail courses.

When you need Calgel off we provide the dedicated removal process and it is very gentle and kind to your nails. They will be perfectly cleaned and healthy without damages.

Thanks to the Chemical-free such as acrylate monomer, you can hardly feel any strong smell. They rarely receive the allergies reports.

Durability Durability

Most of Calfel nails can be lasted for 3 to 4 weeks for hands / 6 to 8 weeks for toes. You can save your time and money.

Thanks to the pliability, your nails are protected by Calgel and also not to be broken easily while you are doing house works, using a computer etc. They are covered by gel coat after the nail art, It is unlikely to be broken or lost stones or arts and you can keep them in good condition.

Natural looking Natural looking

Fitting naturally due to its pliability and lightness and you may forget you are having gel nail. Calgel is absolutely the best gel nail to enjoy your beautiful nail art without being disturbed.

Dry quickly Dry quickly

The UV light is used for drying (it is very weak one without worrying tan or macula). As soon as it is completed, you can freely use your hands as always.

Colour variation Colour variation

Calgel is boasting their profusion of colours. Moreover, it is possible to mix these standard colours in order to create the original colour, which brings us infinitive possibilities for colour variation.
Nailuke! is currently offering more than 100 colours (standard and original) as well as arts.

High skills and quality High skills and quality

The Calgel nailists are obligated to complete the professional course through the official schools and only the nailists have the qualification are allowed to purchase the Caldel products and offer Calgel nail. Due to the system, it is already guaranteed enough its high quality and knowledge.

30 years history and experience 30 years history and experience

Calgel was born in South Africa, 1981, then spread in Europe. It was introduced in Japan 2002 and established the brand at the same time. Since then, it has been well-known as the pioneer of nail soft gel and stick the strong imagination on people "Soft gel = Calgel". It will be never changed the high quality with fame.

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